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N. Upper Truckee 2 Neighborhood – South Lake Tahoe Real Estate

Neighborhoods like N. Upper Truckee 2 are part of the reason why South Lake Tahoe is filled with so much potential. Not only is N. Upper Truckee 2 loaded with God-given beauty, but it is also an ideal place for those seeking privacy and a pollution-free environment. Located on the north of the Zuni; it ends at the north of Tahoe Mountain Road. Many homes offer gorgeous mountain views and you can even find property on the top of hills where you will experience stunning lake views. N. Upper Truckee 2 offers many opportunities to explore recreational activities and this location will never allow you be bored. Let us help you locate the perfect property for sale.

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N. Upper Truckee 2 Neighborhood
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Proximity to:
Heavenly Ski Resort
Sierra at Tahoe
Kirkwood Ski Resort
Central to Resorts
Mountain Biking
Road Biking
X Country Skiing
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